Sequencing Life for Precision Medicine

Pioneering the better diagnostics, care and treatment, BGSi is established to leapfrog Indonesia into the era of precision medicine

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Unlocking Genome-based Healthcare Services

The Ministry of Health officially launched the Biomedical and Genome Science Initiative at the Eijkman Building, Dr. RSUPN. Cipto Mangunkusumo (RSCM), Jakarta on August 14, 2022


Cutting-edge Technologies Behind NextGen Sequencing

Using high throughput sequencers, secure management platform, and high-performance genetic data storage, BGSi performs whole genome sequencing

We sequence through our network

BGSi coordinates biomedical projects, next generation sequencing machines, and biobank facilities across Indonesia

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    10 Projects (9 Targeted Diseases & 1 hWGS)

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    Genome Sequencing Facilities (8 Hubs & 1 HQ)

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    Running Biobanks

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    Centralized Biobank

Disease Areas

What Disease Areas that BGSi primarily focuses on?

  • disease-1.pnginfectious-diseases.png

    Infectious Diseases

    Aim to identify complex pathogen-host interactions and factors related to multi drug resistance, enabling appropriate and effective treatment

  • disease-2.pnglogo-2.png

    Metabolic Diseases

    Promote lifestyle changes based on genomic information to prevent metabolic disorders especially in young population

  • disease-3.pnglogo-3.png


    Focus on genome-based service for better screening, diagnosis and long run monitoring of disease to improve survival and quality of life of patients

  • disease-4.pnglogo-4.png

    Brain and Neurodegenerative Diseases

    Identify individual's risk score of stroke and applying a pharmacogenomics approach to improve the prevention and treatment outcome

  • disease-5.pnglogo-5.png

    Genetic Disorders

    Use genetic testing to uncover key genes related with disease severity young genetic disorders patient, specifically DMD and PAH cases

  • disease-6.pnglogo-6.png

    Aging, Nutrition, and Wellness

    Discover main genetic factor related with systemic treatment and comorbidity to increase the disease remission and patients' quality of life

  • disease-7.jpgrspjn.jpeg

    Cardiovascular Diseases

    Focus on early diagnosis, appropriate risk stratification, personalized therapy, and a significant reduction in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

  • disease-8.jpgLogo_rsab_pkian.png

    Maternal, Reproductive and Neonatal

    To lower the number of preventable birth defects, increase universal early screening of pregnant woman

Our Supporting Platforms

3 integrated platforms are provided to support BGSi programmes and services

  • platform-1.png


    A repository facility that manages the collection, storage, processing and distribution of various types of biological specimens (including DNA, RNA, tumor or non-tumor tissue, cells, blood, plasma, serum, saliva, etc.) and their associated data in a well-organized system. The biological specimens are derived from patients or healthy participants who have given consent to participate in the biobank.

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  • platform-2.png


    A well-structured metadata repository consisting of patient demographic data, clinical data, lifestyle information, and other information derived from the analysis conducted on the samples derived from the patient. This platform is a valuable asset for scientists and clinicians who seek to answer a multitude of questions by exploiting well curated patient specific information.

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  • platform-3.png


    BGSi provides support in the use of bioinformatic tools for genomic data analysis both at whole genome level and with more sophisticated targeted strategies. The tools are used to analyze sequencing data, gene variation and expression, and other OMICS data generated from either Hubs or Central BGSi.

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