4th Most Populous Country, Home of Astounding Human Diversity

4th Most Populous Country, Home of Astounding Human Diversity

Sequencing Service Unit

BGSi's sequencing service unit will be supported by sequencing platforms provided by three different providers: Illumina, Oxford Nanopore and BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute)



Indonesia 77th Independence Day Commemoration (held at Lapangan Gedung Kementerian Kesehatan, DKI Jakarta)

Indonesia the world's fourth most populous country is home to an astounding array of human diversity that has remained poorly investigated using modern biological tools. The underrepresentation of the Asian population in general, and the Indonesian population in particular, in the human genome project limits the ability to utilize available reference genetic profiles for precision medicine purposes.

Understanding the genetic basis of human diseases in the country will benefit from an increase in the scale of disease-association studies using genetic assessments that are carried out in Indonesian populations. At BGSi, we are launching Indonesia's Human Genome Reference (INA HGR)

Indonesia's Human Genome Reference Roles

  • Generate a database of the genomic diversity of the Indonesian population and support the identification of disease-related variants
  • Support the identification of disease-related variants
  • Provide accessible database to researchers from its Hubs
  • Increase capacity in Next Generation sequencing, bioinformatics pipeline, methods for genotyping single-nucleotide polymorphisms and cloud computing

Sequencing Facilities

Ministry of Health has 42 facilities network throughout Indonesia.Tap the dots to get to know where next generation sequencing machines are distributed.